xXx sport jet

xXx sport jet for 110-127mm EDF or 6-8kg turbine

Wing Span:1490mm( 58.5 in)     

Length:1700mm( 67 in)

Full airex composite

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Control info

Elevator : L -9 mm / H- 12 mm

Rudder: -+20 mm

Ailerons: L-10mm /H- 13mm

Flaps : Take-off -9 mm,Landing -35mm

C.G. 195mm From the L.E.were the wing meets the fuselage.

This is JTM RC's 120mm EDF Jet, Ferrari design, flown by friend Martin Boost. The jet is capable of speeds up to 145-160 mph, and on this day it came close to doing it. Beautiful jet, great design and stable in flight. Powered by 12S and a 120 amp ESC.

Pilot:Martin Boost
Brand new JTM xXx with a Jet Munts VT80 on it's first flight. Conditions were less than ideal but the plane tracked very well and flew fantastic. Flight starts at 2.06


JTM xXx Rc Turbine Jet P60 Maiden Flight UsaRcJets

JTM XXX SW-60 Flown by RC Gadgetz In Dubai

pilot:Yassin Ismail team RC Gadgetz

JTM XXX with kingtech 85 engine

pilot:Yassin Ismail team RC Gadgetz

JTM XXX Sport Jet -Turbine Kingtech K70G2 -Empty weight 6,5kg -Take-off weight 8Kg -Retracts and brakes JTM -Max.Speed 333 kmh

pilot:Runman Martin

Green xxx10.jpg

 xXx sport jet Green # XJ001

       Yellow xxx4.jpg        

 xXx sport jet Orange # XJ002


xXx sport jet Red # XJ003


xXx sport jet Red # XJ004


 xXx sport jet Red Bull # XJ005


xXx sport jet Vodafone # XJ006


 xXx sport jet Ferrari # XJ007


 xXx sport jet miss america # XJ008

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